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Ground Radio Systems

SkyLine GRS


The skyStation™ series of CNPC ground radios work seamlessly with SkyLine™ to provide multi-frequency connectivity for your BVLOS mission

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What is CNPC?
C2 Elevated.

Control and Non-Payload Communications (CNPC) link systems are unique to UAS and adhere to aviation industry standard specifications defined by RTCA DO-362A and FAA TSO-C213a.

CNPC focuses on critical safety-of-life information transfer for reliable, deterministic, low-latency, and certifiable radio and BVLOS operations.

Components of CNPC include the Airborne Radio Systems (ARS) and Ground Radio Systems (GRS), working in lock-step to secure your mission.


Use of this product within Australia is subject to individual operational approvals.

Roam with SkyLine

Connect several SkyStation ground radios to SkyLine, the only cloud-based command and control network manager that enables seamless make-before-break roaming across multiple RF frequencies and ground stations.

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SkyLine ARS

With one or several SkyStation GRS deployed, start flying on the SkyLine network by equipping your aircraft with a frequency compatible SkyLink or muLTElink ARS.

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SkyLine ARS Radios