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SkyStation5060LTE revolutionizes the take-off and landing zone (LZ) ground radio system (GRS) by providing an easy to setup, battery powered, portable design with an integrated LTE radio. SkyStation5060LTE also offers UAS operators reliable platform control using aviation-protected spectrum. SkyStation5060LTE integrates seamlessly with uAvionix SkyLine Cloud Managed BVLOS Service including automatic registration. Using commercial off the shelf (COTS) battery solutions and tripod mounting equipment minimizes cost and complexity for LZ teams.


  • Integrated Global LTE Cat 1 radio exclusively for Command Non-Payload Control (CNPC).
  • Integrated C-Band (5030-5091 MHz) ground radio system.
  • Integrated eSIM with out of the box Hologram global service (with optional nanoSIM card support).
  • Automatic GRS registration with SkyLine Cloud Managed BVLOS Service.
  • Ethernet reprogramming and configuration interface.
  • Commercial off the shelf (COTS) Dewalt 20V MAX POWER STACK integration.
  • Mounts on standard tripod with 1/4-20 bolts.


  • CC 47 CFR Part 87
  • ID 2AFFTC2XCP0 (in process)
Parameter Value
Input Voltage 20 V
Size (without battery) 108 x 61 x 47 mm
Weight (without battery) 65 grams
Operating Temp -45 to 70°C
C-Band Radio
Band C-Band: 5030 to 5091 MHz
Architecture 1R1T
Transmit Power 100 mW (0.4 W IEIRP)
Bandwidth 210 kHz
Sensitivity -113.5 dBm
LTE Radio
Service Global LTE Cat 1
LTE FDD Bands 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28
LTE TDD Bands 38, 39, 40, 41
SIM Global IoT eSIM
External Interfaces
Interface RJ-45
Protocols HTTP, TCP