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Tech Specs

Specification Value
Part Number UAV-1004957-001
GPS L1C/A w. SBAS 12 GPS Channels
3 SBAS Channels
HPA / VPA 5 m / 7 m
Velocity Accuracy 3 m/s
Time Accuracy 30 ns
Update Rate 5 Hz
Acquisition -148 dBm
Tracking -167 dBm
Electrical Characteristics
Input Power 5.5-31V, 350mW
Mechanical Characteristics
Size 55.85×46.85×15.50 mm
Weight 49 grams
RS-232 115200bps
Protocol NMEA 0183 + RAIM or
Time Pulse RS-232, 1pps


Mission Integrity

An aircraft is only as reliable as the weakest link. Many operators invest a fortune into equipment to ensure a stable system but are forced to settle for a consumer-level GPS source. truFYX EXT brings the same aviation integrity and design assurance found in our TSO Certified truFYX in an external-mounted option to support all aircraft types.


Safe for Passenger Operations

truFYX EXT is an externally-mounted GPS Position Source that brings the heritage of aviation-grade standards and reliability found in the TSO-Certified truFYX GPS to even more airframe configurations. Leveraging the same advanced fault detection and exclusion technology trusted by over 20,000+ manned aircraft – truFYX EXT ensures your autopilot and ADS-B systems are only using the highest integrity data available.

Performance Based Navigation (PBN)

PBN is the art, science, and engineering of an aircraft’s ability to navigate using performance standards and understanding with complete confidence the amount of trust you can place on the calculated position. Don’t trust your mission to an unknown. Navigate with confidence.

Integrity = Trust

It’s 9 PM, do you know where your drone is? Do you know you can trust the position your GPS is reporting? An aviation-grade GPS with integrity like truFYX delivers not only accuracy but also integrity metrics that inform you just how trusted its calculation is. Integrity does not exist in an off-the-shelf commercial GPS.


truFYX EXT provides increased resistance to GPS constellation errors through receiver autonomous integrity monitoring (RAIM) and fault detection and exclusion (FDE) which automatically monitors the health of the satellite constellation and removes any suspect satellites from the position calculation. Enhanced accuracy is achieved through optional ionospheric corrections.

Certified Aviation Grade Heritage

truFYX EXT is a non-certified external-mounted GPS, built to the same rigorous standards as the TSO-certified truFYX GPS. Developed for UAS BVLOS and Type Certification requirements, truFYX EXT is a critical component that brings position source integrity to your UAS platform in a compact and robust package.


Flexible Architecture
Easy to Deploy

Weighing only 49 grams and able to fit in the palm of your hand, truFYX EXT integrates into nearly any configuration. Compatible with popular autopilots, including the uAvionix George, and approved for transponder and ADS-B solutions, truFYX EXT is the trusted GPS source for your UAS or UAM operation.

Looking at integration? truFYX EXT uses industry-standard NMEA or MavLink protocols.

truFXY-EXT with George

One GPS for any Payload

As UAS operations grow and new regulations and mandates are introduced, truFYX EXT is a critical component designed to adapt and grow with the industry and satisfy current and future regulations.