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Tech Specs

Specification Value
Input Voltage / Power 4-6V / 150mA
Size 32x31x9mm
Weight 8 grams
MTL 1090MHz
Dynamic Range
-81 to 0dBm
MTL 978MHz
Dynamic Range
(pingRX Pro does not receive or process FIS-B weather data)
-90 to -3dBm
Interface MavLINK Serial 57600bps
UCP 115200

More Information


pingRX Pro’s ADS-B is the evolution of a lineage of certified solutions, including our manned aviation products skyBeacon and tailBeacon. Inspired by the technology used in over a half-million aircraft both manned and unmanned, pingRX Pro is the first aviation-grade Detect and Avoid solution with the heritage and integrity to back it.

pingRX Pro

Dual-band Reception

pingRX Pro is a dual-band ADS-B receiver capable of tracking aircraft on both 978MHz and 1090MHz.

Function Meets Flexibility

DAA solutions should fit the aircraft, not the other way around. pingRX Pro adapts to any airframe by offering an external antenna – allowing for a flexible install without sacrificing ideal placement or performance.

Simple. Fast. Precise.

PingRX Pro works with Ardupilot and PixHawk based autopilots, getting you from integration to launch in only a few lines of code. Extend pingRX Pro’s hardware integrity to the rest of your platform with Auterion Skynode, the enterprise-ready autopilot. PingRX Pro also integrates easily with custom platforms over the uAvionix Control Protocol (UCP).

Proven Detect and Avoid

ADS-B receivers have proven to be the lowest-cost, lowest-weight, and highest-performing DAA technology on the market. Every Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) approval in the world includes ADS-B as a core component of the DAA solution. With ADS-B mandates for manned aircraft in effect or in-work worldwide, hundreds to thousands of additional aircraft are equipping each week. See how ADS-B IN stands up to other DAA technologies.


Detection Range

pingRX Pro features a maximum range of nearly 100 times any competitive solution and meets all suggested well clear distances.

pingRX Pro

360×360 Awareness

Detect and Avoid is about tracking potential threats. pingRX Pro has eyes in all directions at all times while other solutions are limited to a tiny directional field of view.

pingRX Pro - 360°


Threat Handling

With a larger 360×360 awareness and reception range, pingRX Pro handles up to 100 aircraft simultaneously.
Other DAA systems are limited to 1 – 5 aircraft.

pingRX Pro - 100


Low Power Consumption

Every watt consumed by DAA means less range and payload for the mission. pingRX Pro keeps your power budget under control.

0.15 Watts - pingRX Pro