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Mode S ADS-B transponder with integrated pressure sensor

ping20Si is the world’s smallest, lightest, most affordable Mode S ADS-B transponder. At just 20 grams, it allows drone aircraft to respond to Mode S radar interrogations by ATC and TCAS. ping20Si also transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz. No deviations from the Minimum Performance Standards of DO-181E and DO-260B at 20W nominal output power. GPS and pressure altitude data are provided by the onboard FYXnav position source and integrated barometer. No autopilot integration is required. Simply apply power and program via the ping wireless application. If autopilot integration is preferred, ping20Si is compatible with many popular autopilots


  • Replies to Mode S radar interrogations from ATC and aircraft anti-collision systems
  • Transmits ADS-B on 1090MHz Extended Squitter
  • Meets the performance requirements of TSO-C166b
  • Class B1S and TSO-C122e Class 1 Level 1els @ 20W
  • Meets the minimum performance requirements of
  • the following RTCA specifications:
  • DO-181E Class 1 Level 1els @ 20W
  • DO-260B Class B1S @ 20W
  • DO-160G environmental Cat B2
  • Integrated SBAS GPS receiver and antenna
  • Integrated barometer provides pressure altitude
  • SMA Antenna Connector
  • US Patents Pending